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About Our Business

At the core of KC Business is the practice of radical honesty, autonomy, and compassion. 
As a small business, we know that there is a person, a story, and a passion that drives individuals into the business world. 
As financial advisors, we know the importance of accessible education to empower your choice.

As a neuro-divergent business, we know that life happens whether it's convenient or not. 
KC Business offers honest perceptions and solutions to keep your financial health accessible and manageable for you.
We would be honored to hear your story. 

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Introductory Consultation

When anxiety about your finances (personal or business) demands answers, we provide information. KC Business will listen to your story, clarify the details and provide perspective for your situation. 

Most introductory meetings conclude with suggestions and advice so you can continue on with some peace of mind.

Client-Directed Consulting and Support. 

After mutual agreement and desire, we will work with you to discover your financial plan, driven by your goals and dreams. KC Business will connect with the person and passion behind every business. It is our dream and mission to facilitate and support a community that supports back. 

There is no shame to outsource labor if it means peace. We support you to make your business work for you. Instead of working for your business. 


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